Things to Do When in Dundee

Only a few cities in Scotland have the ability to combine history with new-age city flair, and the city of Dundee is one of them. Everything in Dundee is captivating. You can’t walk a mile without discovering a gem of a place. The cobblestone lanes and beautiful courtyards make it a paradise where you want to just get lost to discover the wonderful things that Dundee can offer.

Dundee is undeniably every traveler’s delight. Its relatively compact land area filled with all sorts of treasures ranging from bookstores to cafes that will make all travelers want to explore the city all the more. Traveling back in time is possible when you are in Dundee as it features historic museums, including that of Europe’s most popular industrial-themed museums. Dundee is also home to amazing floating attractions. In addition, there are places where you can learn more about the city’s legendary explorers or the story behind its Pictish stones. At night time, there ar plenty of excellent restaurants and cafes that serve the best dishes that Dundee is known for.

Shop ‘til You Drop at the Heart of the City

Dundee is a bustling city equipped with all of the ingredients you need for that perfect vacation. Dundee offers a multitude of shopping options; from high street stores located in the Overgate Shopping Centre and High Street to the quirky finds you can purchase from thrift stores and art galleries along Perth Road. There are also theatre performances that you can watch during your stay as well as art gallery exhibitions featured by many galleries located in various parts of the city.

Family-Friendly Dundee

Dundee also boasts amazing places that the whole family will enjoy. Take your children in exploring the ship that pioneered Polar exploration. You may also find it entertaining to visit the Victorian jute mill or fascinating to check out the Dundee’s science centre. In terms of activities, Dundee features an ice rink, climbing walls, and amazingly lush parks. The leisure complex of the city is worth checking out too.

Dundee Accommodations

Dundee is one of Scotland’s smaller cities, but this does not mean that it offers substandard in terms of service and accommodations. It is a place that offers a warm and welcoming aura, amazing riverside views and a ton of attractions to visit in every direction.

It boasts luxury accommodations located in the city’s center. Hotels have their own websites thus enabling customers to book online. Most hotel accommodations are surrounded by restaurants, commercial establishments, and are highly accessible to transportation hubs too.